ETCL Parodies – the sixth report

Can’t believe it has been the sixth time we had this event. Last Saturday we had the sixth iteration of ETCL Parodies party. And again, it was a blast.

We met at the Pegasus Concierge Hotel in Vinewood. Who arrived? None other than Pilly, Bulkarson, Mattievis, Vixtus, Cookie Jas, Bulkilly. After a short showcase of acting skills and a group picture we went on for a quick challenge – finding some rare vehicles in the traffic. Team of Cookie Jas and Mattievis scored the most points. Then, we moved to the playlist with crew jobs only:

  • Cookie’s chill ride around Tongva Hills,
  • Mattie’s manure collection capture,
  • Myst’s jetski race,
  • Villem’s musket shootout,
  • Roofstone’s relay race,
  • Witt’s sumo with a twist,
  • Beavis’ bridge building capture
  • and finally, my Maze Bank climb-on-Faggios race

Thank you all for joining – Pete, Bulki, Mattie, Villem, Cookie. Special thanks to Cookie for providing some screenshots. Do you think we can meet next year on ETCL Parodies 7? Gonna find out!

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