Omnisporties – how fit are we?

No surprise, if you want to stay fit and healthy, you need physical exercises. Or just play sports. There are many, many sport disciplines. Last Sunday we practiced a lot, trying better and lesser known sport activities.

We met at the Los Santos University stadium. Mattie, Dingle, Pete, Cookie, THD, Dave, Beavis, Villem, YG, Marwa, Witt, Solar, Silent and our guest Dan joined me for some short laps around the pitch. Then we cycled to my yacht for some jacuzzi break and alcohol treats. Short trivia followed, and the winner was Dan, with 2 correct answers. Next up, we made a group picture by nose diving into the ocean. Unfortunately, some people got their parachutes open and belly flopped, which resulted in decreasing their HP to 0. After 2 attempts, we started a playlist:

  • golf game, in which Villem and YG won a challenge by pushing a ball into the tube,
  • football game with monster trucks – ended with draw,
  • medieval knights duel, which was nothing else than Roof’s face-to-face race, won by Mattie,
  • game of basketball, with grenades as balls,
  • Nop’s city bike race, won by Witt,
  • extreme sports – parachuting down the rainbow tube,
  • and finally, ski jumping – we had many disconnections, but Silent jumped the farthest.

Thank you all very much for joining! Below you can see some snaps, provided by me and Mattie. See you at the next events!

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