Goodbye 2023 – the end of another chapter!

After 365 days, Anno Domini 2023 is over. On its penultimate day, we had a great party, on which we reminisced about all the events that took place in the passing year. And so, we met at Lake Vinewood Estates mansion. But what a turnout it was! Dan, Goner, Loc, Mattie, Ninja, Pete, Rag, Tim, Ibex, Sidd, Warlock, Sax, Doozle, Sparki, Melike, Marwa, Dave, Villem, Witt, Lialri, Longbow, Solar, Xilo and Cookie joined me to say goodbye to 2023. 25 players! I usually thank you all for joining at the end of the blog post, but this time I have to do this straight away.

We started our party with a minute of silence. Sadly, shortly before Christmas, one of our long-term members, that is Myst, departed to the place where none of us can follow. He will be remembered as a great man, who was always there to help and enlighten our events with his kindness and caring. This post’s header image is dedicated to you, friend <3

Mandatory group picture came next, followed up by short trivia about number 2023. Ibex had the most answer right. Then, we tried to do some gang attacks, but for some reason some of them did not spawn. After a little tour around the city, we decided to jump from FIB building. But even that didn’t work as I planned, as some of us had issues with starting it. Eventually, we started a playlist:

  • Ibex’s fred race,
  • Villem’s tree capture,
  • Cookie’s drift race,
  • Beavis’ sandking bridge capture,
  • Witt’s sumo with disappearing tiles,
  • Threep’s offroad kart race,
  • Mattie’s maze capture
  • and finally, my painful windmill race.

Below you can see some snaps from Pete and myself. Finally, may the New Year be the one in which all your wishes come true. The one in which your dreams may turn into reality and all your fears may fade away. Happy New Year and see you all in 2024!

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