Airlympics in the pictures

Amazingly, we had no less than three iterations of Airlympics in the last two months, hosted by cookie, with yours truly as co-host. Thanks so much to all who joined any of these: norman, villem, sparki, saxtus, rajput, warlock, poly, mathilya, dave, ganz, dingle, ninja, lialri, doozle, pete, tim, and anyone else I might be forgetting here.

In the first part, we enjoyed a tour around the airport in our own privately hired minibus. We then resumed with some jobs created by cookie of increasing difficulty, to put our skills to the ultimate test. Next, in the second part, we performed a range of aerial challenges: vertical takeoff with the Alkonost, and precision bombing with the Avenger. Cookie kindly taught us how to land a Titan on top of Maze Bank tower. Finally, the third part of Airlympics comprised one more set of challenges: sky diving from Maze Bank onto a moving bus, sky diving into Franklin’s pool, a timed helicopter parkour in the storm drains, and trying to fly a Buzzard into the sewers. The latter went surprisingly well.

I believe we’re all on our way now to become pro pilots now. Thank you again all for joining. You can find a small selection of the most beautiful snaps from the event below. Thanks to mathilya for also providing a few snaps. Many more can be found on the #snapmatic channel on discord.

Pilot cookie and co-pilot mattiejas thank you for your epic service. We are so proud of all your performances and achievements. See you next time, fellow aces!

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