Exotic exports (Princess Robot Bubblegum edition) this Saturday

Saxtus and mattiejas warmly invite you to their exotic exports event this Saturday at 2pm CET. If you are not yet familiar with co-operative exotic exports, be sure to check out Longbow’s guide. All we ask is that you bring any appropriate Princess Robot Bubblegum propaganda, be it clothing, car, plane, or otherwise, to fit with the backstory of this special exotic exports edition…

“Princess,” Master Hentai began, his voice trembling with urgency, “my crane, a symbol of balance and harmony, has lost its vigor. Only the mystical blue pills can revive its strength. I implore you to embark on this quest before the crack of dawn!”

Princess Robot Bubblegum, ever the valiant heroine, nodded in understanding. “Fear not, Master Hentai. I shall undertake this mission and ensure that your crane regains its vitality.” With a graceful bow, Princess Robot Bubblegum left the dojo, determined to face the challenges that lay ahead. Yet, she recognized the enormity of her task and the limited time at her disposal.

“Dear fans of justice and adventure,” she spoke through the communication waves, “Princess Robot Bubblegum seeks your aid in collecting the ten mystical blue pills scattered across Los Santos. Together, we shall restore balance and preserve the harmony of Master Hentai’s crane. Respond swiftly, and let our united strength prevail!”

And so the story began, but how will it end? To find out, join this Saturday!

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