Exotic exports ready for delivery.

Exotic exports round two: report and pictures

Saxtus and I hosted another fun round of exotic exports last Sunday, as they were double money this week. Thanks so much to all for joining: ancient, cookie, doozle, elvix, goner, llewoj, quang, and tim. The newcomers to exotic exports, ancient and doozle, very quickly learnt the ropes. Amazingly, we found all cars under the hour, so well done to all! Everyone was so fast to find the cars that your poor host never managed to leave the docks for longer than a minute. Princess Robot Bubblegum is proud.

Though we found all cars, sadly we failed to delivered the last two cars. Indeed, two of the final three cars unfortunately despawned during session splitting. But we learnt something: stay away from the car staging area when splitting (and possibly also when rejoining). This seems especially important if we’re many splitting and rejoining at the same time. I will add this to our guide. We’ll do another exotic exports next month, and hopefully we’ll be more successful then.

Either way, we had tons of fun socializing during our epic quest for the blue dots. I made a few snaps from the event. You can find them below. Enjoy! I already look forward to seeing you at the next exotic exports.

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