Off-road adventures: report and pictures

On 3rd February 2024 the crew met up at the Mirror Park shopping car park to embark on an adventure to discover some off-road trails in the north of Los Santos. The group of Mattiejas, Mathilya, Villem, Cookie, Saxtus, Uncle Tim, Llewoj, Loc, Longbow, Modern Ninja and Norman were lead by their guides Pete and Ganz through the late afternoon drive through the hills north to Braddock Farm.

As we got further north, the weather turned cold and it wasn’t long before we were slipping and sliding in snow and ice (courtesy of some custom crew GTA races). We met at the top of Mount Gordo for a group photo opportunity before moving on to the snowy flanks of Mount Chiliad. Here the terrain became really tough in the snowy weather, but with a little teamwork and the occasional helpful push we managed to get everyone to the top of Chiliad for another break and photo opportunity. Coming back down to the lowlands we were all a bit glad to finally get out of the snow and onto some grass, courtesy of some more custom off-road jobs made by our crew mates.

The attached photos summarise our adventure on that fun and challenging day.

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