Raunchy rendezvous on the footbridge

Raunchy rendezvous: hottest moments in the pictures

We gathered last Sunday for a raunchy rendezvous to celebrate the season of love. Thanks to all for joining: Ancient, Cookie, Dingle, Elvix, Goner, Llewoj, Pete, and Tim. Starting at a secluded parking lot near the Vespucci Canals, everyone showed off their raunchiest vehicles and sexiest clothes. Special mention goes to Tim for coming dressed as Larry Laffer!

Unfortunately, I had lost my Valentine. So everyone went on to search the surroundings. With a small hint (“she is very bushy”), Elvix stumbled upon my sweet Valentine in the vegetation near the canals. That called for a celebratory group picture on the footbridge!

We resumed our adventure with a smooching contest. Which pair of players can make it first to the top of the V of the Vinewood sign? Elvix came first, quickly joined by Ancient. But… will this love stand the test of time? To find out, we visited the Love Professor in the arcade. Though Ancient held out strongly, Pete turned out to be even hotter than Ancient, and indeed, the hottest of all participants!

Next, we continued with a playlist. The playlist comprised bisexual loops (going both ways), a sumo where we all kissed each other to death, a few sexy drift races, a super car race straight to the heart, and an assortment of classic Valentine themed jobs, including the infamous wife skydive and bowling (remember Roman: what can be more romantic?!).

Below, you can find a few more pictures from our raunchy rendezvous. For even more pictures, you can visit the #snapmatic channel on discord. Thanks to Pete and Ancient for providing a few extra pictures. I already look forward to the next event!

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