History of GTA Online: continued!

It is true. Since 2020, we didn’t have many updates in GTA Online. Only 2 per year. But that was not an obstacle for us to celebrate past 4 years of new content in the game. And so, Villem, Solar, Patsj, Pete, Ninja, Mattie, Lorsch, Loc, Goner, Elvix, Doozle, Dingle, Dave, Cookie and Beavis joined me on Sunday evening.

We met in my agency for a short discussion about our most and least favorite update from past 4 years. Then, we jumped (literally!) into clothes shops for the first freemode challenge: outfit contest for the best looking mercenary. After reassembling we had a vote, and 4 winners were declared: Villem, Elvix, Dave and Beavis. Next up, little La Coureuse got hidden in the city by the party host, who also provided a short poem with clues. Mattie was the first to discover car’s location.

Finally, we had a playlist with each job referring to the DLCs we had since May 2020:

  • halloween themed yacht conquest mission,
  • fun on Cayo Perico,
  • pursuit race in south Los Santos,
  • sumo with agency Jubilees,
  • drug-themed maze,
  • parachute jump down the docks,
  • lengthy drift race around Cayo Perico.

Thank you all for joining! Below you can enjoy some snaps, provided by me and Mattie. Here is to the next events!

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