Retro group photo

Retro car meet in the pictures

Cookie hosted another one of his epic car meets last Friday, this time, featuring retro cars. Besides cookie and myself, we also had dint, goner, llewoj, longbow, norman, tim, and villem. Everyone completely outdid themselves with epic retro cars and outfits! We had a car voting contest, which was massively won by goner in her Nightshade with signature “ass”, though it was a really hard choice between all those beauties.

Next, we drove to Chumash to enjoy some time at the beach.

Upon return, Cookie let us race our cars around the Vinewood Racetrack at the Casino. There, dint impressively managed to beat almost every individual lap time.

We ended the evening in a romantic sunset at the beach.

Pictures were provided by myself, with a few more from cookie and longbow. You can find many more pictures of the event on discord in #snapmatic. Thanks again all for joining the fun!

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