Monthly Archives: March 2024

Perky fun ride!
We gathered yesterday for a round of perky fun with the jolly gang. Thanks to all who joined Cookie and me: Dave, Dingle, HiVoltage, Mathilya, ModernNinja, Pete, Villem, and guest Db. We kicked off with a gathering at Del Perro Pier. Before heading into the playlist, we decided to have […]

Perky playtime in the pictures

Exotic exports team on top of the crane
Many thanks to everyone who joined Saxtus and myself on our latest epic exotic exports adventure: Elvix, Ganz, Goner, Lua, Marwa, Mathilya, Tim, and guest Anci. I also express special thanks to officer Marwa for kindly helping Saxtus and myself to watch the cars. After resolving some technical issues at […]

Exotic exports: the saga of the blue dots