The Enus car show

Rolls-Royce 120 year celebration report and pictures

Charles Rolls met Sir Henry Royce in May 1904 and created the company we know today as Rolls-Royce. To celebrate 120 years since they met, the Ethical Retinue crew met up on 25th February 2024 to enjoy some Rolls-Royce themed fun.

Mattiejas, Psychic Warlock, Dingles, Modern Ninja, Dave and Ancient Letters joined their host Pakuranga Pete and our guests Camaro and NorKnightRider to have a car show of Enus vehicles at a suitable mansion in the Vinewood Hills. The crew put together some fine vehicles and outfits, as seen in the photos. Pete hosted a quiz of Rolls-Royce questions which was won by NorKnightRider.

Shortly after the Enus car show, we all headed in convoy to Vespucci beach where we posed for some moonlit photographs with our prized cars. We moved straight into the playlist after the photo shoot, with lots of Rolls-Royce themed jobs and a couple of surprises such as karting in the Maze Bank Arena and racing weaponised F1 cars! The playlist was brought to a close with a challenging 10-lap race around the golf course in Enus Windsors (aka Rolls-Royce Wraith). Thanks to Mattiejas for the amazing photos of the car show and the racing!

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