Cops & Crooks: Fashion Crime – event details

You’ve just come out of the movie theatre with your buddy when you get a call from panicking Lester. He has a date night at Del Perro Pier with his girlfriend Georgina but there’s been an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Lester is now in urgent need of a new fancy suit and he’s made it your job to acquire one. By any. Means. Necessary.

In hopes that Lester will organize you a sweet spot in another heist crew for the effort, you happily accept the job. You put on your mask, enter the closest clothing store and grab the nicest suit you see. But oh no! In doing so you’ve alarmed the LSPD and now the whole city is after you. You quickly steal a car parked in front the store and are already on your way to Lester’s house to give over the suit and then give him a lift to his date.

Below you can find the rules for tonight’s Cops & Crooks event. If you have any further questions then you can do so in our Discord’s event planning channel.

General rules

  • There’s two teams: the police and a criminal;
  • The host rides with the criminal as a passenger to take time and make sure the rules are followed;
  • One game lasts until the cops kill the criminal but no more than 10 minutes;
  • Points are calculated based on time survived and on time that took to reach the checkpoints;
  • Only weapons that are allowed for both teams are the stun gun and melee weapons;
  • There are no map boundaries, except water.

The criminal

  • Your starting point is inside the Ponsonby clothing store in Morningwood (red point (1) on the map);
  • When the game starts you have to steal the green Obey I-Wagen parked in front of the store and not get caught by the police.
  • You have 2 checkpoints that you have to drive to in the following order:
    • 1st checkpoint is Lester’s home (green point (2) on the map). You have to touch the front of the house (pink area in image nr 2) for the checkpoint to count;
    •  2nd checkpoint is Del Perro Pier (green point (3) on the map). For the checkpoint to count, touch the front fence at the gate (pink area in image nr 3);
  • After reaching both checkpoints you just have to survive for the remaining time (until the car’s battery runs out 😛);
  • If the police manage to pull you out of the car, you can try to escape on foot.

The police

  • The players are divided between 2 police stations in Vespucci (blue point (4) on the map) and Rockford Hills (blue point (5) on the map);
  • Your job is to kill the criminal within time;
  • You can use the stun gun to get the criminal out of the car and then kill them with a melee weapon or by driving over;
  • The preferred vehicle choice is fully upgraded Stanier LE Cruiser but if you don’t own one then any other police vehicle is allowed too.
  • The police begin on foot at the entrances of their respective police stations and can enter their vehicles once the time starts running.

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