Exotic exports team on top of the crane

Exotic exports: the saga of the blue dots

Many thanks to everyone who joined Saxtus and myself on our latest epic exotic exports adventure: Elvix, Ganz, Goner, Lua, Marwa, Mathilya, Tim, and guest Anci. I also express special thanks to officer Marwa for kindly helping Saxtus and myself to watch the cars.

After resolving some technical issues at the start, we started our search properly.

We tried a new strategy to try and prevent cars from despawning. Instead of splitting near the cars, everyone split instead at the delivery blip some distance away from the cars. This worked perfectly. Thanks to everyone’s efforts and diligence, we managed to find and deliver all 10 cars this time around. Everyone kept their patience and followed instructions to the letter. Congratulations to the entire retinue for such great teamwork! Tim found a record number of 4 cars this time around. Elvix found 2 more, and Lua, Mathilya, Ganz, and myself found 1 more each. At least, if I remember correctly!

A celebratory group picture on top of the crane followed. However, Marwa apologizes for a minor misfire of his Atomizer.

Princess Robot Bubblegum is grateful for your outstanding service. Master Hentai’s supply of magical blue pills is once more assured for another month. I already look forward to the next exotic export!

In addition to my own pictures, Mathilya also provided a few additional ones above; thank you! You can find a few more pictures from the event in the #snapmatic channel on discord.


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