Perky fun ride!

Perky playtime in the pictures

We gathered yesterday for a round of perky fun with the jolly gang. Thanks to all who joined Cookie and me: Dave, Dingle, HiVoltage, Mathilya, ModernNinja, Pete, Villem, and guest Db. We kicked off with a gathering at Del Perro Pier.

Before heading into the playlist, we decided to have a few perky rounds on the fun ride at the pier.

Next, we enjoyed a wide selection of the perkiest crew jobs. First, we raced around the beach area in Doozle’s fun run. Next, we gave each other perky kisses in Villem’s Dune sumo. After that, we raced on Ganz’s off-road snow race, including a donut break. Db’s Faggio sumo was next, followed by Beavis’s king of the hill with Kurumas and Cargobobs. Once we mowed the lawn in Mathilya’s lawnmower panic, we biked through alleys and staircases in Nopitch’s old school bike race. We rounded off the event with my sound of music, Pete’s pike, and a classic game of bowling.

In the #snapmatic channel on discord, you can find many more pictures, as well as a recording from Mathilya (thank you so much!) with some of the funniest moments. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves! I already look forward to the next event.

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