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Everyone has their favorite movie. There have been many interesting pictures in the history of cinema. Fortunately, State of San Andreas is a good place to have a movie-themed party. The event started with Cast Away reference – party host got stuck on a desert island with some flares to […]

Movie Night at Cinema ETCL!

Here is the list of cars for this Saturday’s car theft city event. For rules and other practical details, see┬áthe earlier Car theft city returns post, which I have slightly edited based on questions and feedback. I look forward to seeing you there! Individual deliveries Each of these is worth […]

Car theft city returns: the list

I’m excited to announce a return of roofstone’s car theft city! Let’s once more gather for an epic adventure of true grand theft auto. For those who have not played this before, we gather in a freemode session for two full in-game days, i.e. 96 minutes. The aim is to […]

Car theft city returns