Movie Night at Cinema ETCL!

Everyone has their favorite movie. There have been many interesting pictures in the history of cinema. Fortunately, State of San Andreas is a good place to have a movie-themed party.

The event started with Cast Away reference – party host got stuck on a desert island with some flares to give away his position. Villem rescued him much faster than in the aforementioned movie so we could assemble in Richards Majestic film studio. We were joined by Daksha, Dan, Doozle, Frag, Witt, Mattie, Ninja, Knightrider, Pete, Solar and YG. Short presentation followed, with everyone dressed as movie character of their choice. Next, I divided participants in teams of two so they could recreated one of the most famous scenes in the history of cinema:

  • The Matrix and bullet dodging scene,
  • Back to the Future and first test of DeLorean.

Finally, playlist with even more references:

  • The Italian Job sewers escape race,
  • Squid Game glass bridge LTS,
  • The Spy Who Loved Me race by Villem,
  • Pink Panther and my stunt race,
  • Star Wars LTS with atomizers,
  • and finally, Toy Story RC Bandito parkour.

At this point I’d like to thank everyone for joining. Special thanks to Pete for providing few extra screens to this blog post.

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