Car theft city group photo.

Car theft city in the pictures

Many thanks to all who joined the car theft city event yesterday: beavis, elvix, ganz, goner, loc, mathilya, pete, and villem. After a customary group picture, we divided ourselves into two teams of carjackers, racing through the streets of car theft city to fetch the most coveted vehicles for the black market.

Both teams showed fantastic teamwork. Of special mention:

  • Goner managed to deliver the first car within 5 seconds of the event start.
  • Pete managed to spawn the extremely rare and highly priced Rusty Rebel within record time.
  • Ganz managed to hugely boost their team’s score by delivering hookers at record tempo. This gained no less than 66 points in just the last 10 minutes of the event.
  • Elvix became the expert of helicopters, delivering so many I almost lost count.
  • Villem brought a hooker, a Bobcat XL, and a generator trailer, all in the same delivery, for triple combo points.
  • Mathilya discovered the most stylish way to enter the parking lot by slamming into the safety rails from above with his blazer.
  • Loc risked his neck in the most epic manner whilst landing a Titan onto the horse track.

After some counting (and double checking!), team orange (loc, mathilya, elvix, and pete) took the win with an impressive 234 points. Team pink (beavis, ganz, goner, and villem) earned no less than 190 points. Congratulations to both teams for such great performance! I had tons of fun, and I hope so did everyone.

If you missed it, I promise to host another car theft city in a few months time. There will be a new car list. I will also do some minor tweaks to the scoring system. In the meantime, you can find some pictures from the event below. I already look forward to the next iteration. Peace out!

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