Exotic exports have striked again

We gathered last Sunday once again to try and export all 10 exotic exports. Thanks to Saxtus for co-hosting, and Tim and Rajput for joining. This time we managed to find and deliver all 10, so props to the team for the excellent work! Sadly Rajput suffered a power cut and therefore had to leave a bit earlier.

After the delivery, we enjoyed a scrapyard heist, as well as a union depository heist from Sessanta. Here too everything went very smooth, with Saxtus earning elite on his very first scrapyard heist. It was the maze bank arena one, which makes this all the more impressive.

As it is becoming tradition, I look forward to do another exotic exports in a few weeks time, as long as at least a few people are still interested. You can find some photos from the event below. Enjoy!

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