It was a hard relay

Some might say life is never easy. But it should never be when playing a game. However, last Wednesday we went on an adventure with some more demanding activities that took place in the State of San Andreas. It was a hard relay.

We met in my facility to show off our outfits we would wear for a special mission. After a short presentation, we voted for the best one – and the winners were Marwa, Mattie and Sarah. Next up, a run to my bunker, filled with sneaky hidden proximity mines. Amazingly, no one got hurt in th process, probably thanks to friendly NPCs who sacrificed themselves. We also had to stretch our brain muscle in short trivia about the guns available in our inventories. Sarah got the most answers right.

Finally, the playlist:

  • Space Docker parkour (which was broken, unfortunately),
  • co-operation mission on taking over Legion Square from clones,
  • my not-so-sane sumo,
  • crazy avalanche capture,
  • deceiving (and tight) maze at the airport,
  • more cooperative clones fighting,
  • escape from prison parkour on foot,
  • and finally, my slippery KotH on top of the building.

Thank you all for joining: Mattie, Pete, Lua, Sarah, Villem, Marwa, Dan and Solar. Below you can see some snaps, provided by Pete, Mattie and party host. See you at the next parties!

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