Who are the Ethical Retinue?

Who Are We?

So, who are the Ethical Retinue? We are an online PC community of GTA players that strongly appreciate a positive, respectful, and helpful attitude. Talent is recognized, but totally secondary. All skill levels are welcome. We welcome talented and experienced players that enjoy teaching all the tricks to novice players. Likewise we also welcome novice players with a healthy attitude and eagerness to learn new things. Mistakes are opportunities. Communication is highly encouraged. Therefore, we often hang out on our discord server. The link will automatically take you to our text and voice chat channels from within your browser. We believe that with good communication and encouragement, even the worst group of players can do amazing things.

We enjoy heists, missions, races, deathmatches, VIP/CEO/Biker, freemode, and anything else you can think of. From time to time, criminal masterminds and elite runs are also on the menu. To stay away from online modders and cheaters, we often set up invite-only lobbies or crew-only public lobbies.

We organize weekly crew events themed around fun topics. You can watch them on twitch here.

To promote our activities, we also create crew videos.

To learn more about Ethical Retinue beyond what you’ll find on the website, visit our GTA Online crew page. The steam group page is also a good way to get in touch with the crew.

This crew is not for you if you have little patience, if you do not care for other people’s feelings, if you are solely looking for strong powerplay, if you enjoy causing grief to others, or if you are an online modder or cheater.

If you are still reading this, likely you are none of those. So, please explore the website. Learn more about who we are and what we do by visiting the forums. And if you really like what you see, please consider joining us!

Enjoy your stay!