There aren’t many days in the calendar which look so peculiar when written. However, there is one coming: 22nd of February, 2022. 22-02-2022, 02-22-2022 and so on. Just twos and zeros can be found. Now, you might be wondering, how could it possibly refer to Ethical Retinue? Our reliable Witt […]

Two Twenty Two on 22.02.2022!

Once a year there is an ETCL event. Heavily focused on races, but with a twist. The goal is to work for your overall team score and everyone is assigned with a different set of vehicles. For the fourth time we had such an event. Called Race Wars 4. We […]

Race Wars 4 party report

The fastest ETCL event is back! For the fourth time, Race Wars will take place. This year, it will be 9th of January, 16:30 CET. Let’s get straight to the business. Since last year, many new faces started to appear on crew events and I don’t know everyone’s racing skills […]

High Stakes, Race Wars on Sunday!

What a pity that humans don’t have wings. Instead, we invented flying machines, which make people’s dreams of becoming a bird true. And so, we assembled in Los Santos to celebrate Take-Two Interactive aviation achievements, presented in GTA Online. I was joined by One, Nishiv, Dint, Mattie, Villem, Sax, Witt, […]

Sky odyssey on Aviation Enthusiasts party

We had another great party, this time filled with high school memories – times, when we were all youngsters. Warlock, Marwa, Mattie, Saxtus, Villem, Dint, Beavis, Witt joined me at this event. I started with picking up all youngsters from parties at their night clubs and other similar places with […]

High School Youngsters – report & pictures