It is hard to imagine how our life would look like without industry. Having that in our minds, we had another crew event. This time, focused on aforementioned industry of Los Santos, based on manufacturing fine products, like Deludamol and Pisswasser. We met in Cypress Flats, on a big parking […]

Industrial party – trucks, work and forklifts

Industry is known as secondary economic sector. It involves the transformation of raw materials into goods. In all GTA games industrial suburbs were included. And now, it is time for industrial-themed party. Our meeting location this time will be a big builiding in Cypress Flats with big CYPRESS neon lights […]

Industrial party on Thursday

Foolish is one, who underestimates power of love. Last Sunday, this feeling was certainly floating in the air. It could not be otherwise, since Mattie, Threep, Marwa, Herokin, Villem and myself joined filled with love party. The Valentine party. We met near secluded dirt road to the beach in Palomino […]

Valentine party – a romantic report

According to J.K.Rowling, love is at once more wonderful and more terrible than death, than human intelligence, than the forces of nature. It is also, perhaps, the most mysterious of the many subjects for study. How can we argue with that. There is one special day in the year, in […]

Find your Valentine tonight!

One year ago, I hosted Race Wars party. 11 racers were battling over various tracks around State of San Andreas for points for their teams. Last Tuesday, another iteration of this successful event took place, with different cars, different tracks and different settings. We assembled at picnic place north from […]

Race Wars 2 – mark II report

Races are probably the second most popular game mode in GTA Online, just behind heists. What made them so popular is very friendly driving physics, as well as variety of cars and classes and almost unlimited possibilites provided by creator tool. One year ago, I came up with idea to […]

Race Wars return on Tuesday!

Another year has passed. We had 46 crew events and even more great memories. But all good things must come to an end. The end of Anno Domini 2019. Our tradition is to celebrate arrival of the New Year – with a crew party. Final crew party this year started […]

New Year party – goodbye 2019!

Without a doubt, Super Mario series boosted popularity of evolving in 1980’s platform games. We can safely say that owadays Mario character is an icon of such games. 24 years after release of first ever Mario game, Ethical Retinue celebrated this amazing Nintendo creation. We assembled at the grassy plains […]

Super Mario party – mushrooms and moustache