Inspired by past year’s equivalent event, we had another parodies party. And again, it abounded in many hilarious situations. But first things first. We assembled at my penthouse in Diamond Casino. I welcomed Marwittiator, Matticher, Mystiya, Madebywood, Witthilya, Wittcher, Dr Villem and Roofledoo. Party in my penthouse was about to […]

The Return of ETCL Parodies in report

Without a doubt, last year ETCL Parodies party appeared to be a success. Participants dressed up and styled themselves for other fellow crewmates. Confusion, amusement ruled throughout the event. One year after these wonderful times, I’m pleased to announce the return of ETCL Parodies! This time, we will meet in […]

ETCL Parodies party strikes back on Thursday

Without a doubt, Epsilon Program is one of the most mysterious organizations, not only in state of San Andreas, but also whole GTA game series. Last Tuesday, ETCL members gathered at headquarters of this cult and wantoned in front of Cris Formage’s empire. Many interesting vehicles arrived, driven by Lorsch, […]

Kifflom, may Kraff be with you!

Kifflom! With this expression, all Epsilonists greet each other. This Tuesday, we will join this mysterious cult. The leader of Epsilon Program, Cris Formage kindly accepted to patronize our next crew party. As a meeting point, we will gather at Epsilon Center in Rockford Hills. Bring your most wacky vehicles, […]

Epsilon cult gathering this Tuesday

Last Tuesday we had another great event. This time, we wore white-red-blue outfits with white stars and took appropriate vehicles. To live the American Dream – of which many people dreamt of. And so, Backblast, Villem, Lorsch, Threep, Witt, Solitaire, Mattie, Sal, Mike, Myst and myself met at Los Santos […]

American Dream party – a star sprangled report

And so, we are up for another party. Over years, many people emigrated from countries all over the world to United States of America. In search of better life, earnings, and to meet their deepest dreams, later called the American dream. And so, we’ll celebrate this phenomena in Los Santos […]

Living the American Dream event tomorrow

Pink is a very interesting colour. It definitely has that special something. Adds some sensuality, attractiveness. This is why Heroriks, Villem, Sal, Mattie, Grey, Witt, Doozle, Threep, Roof and myself gathered together in Los Santos – to feel the power of this special colour. We assembled at Pink Sandwich in […]

Pink power party – pink memories

The original Pink Power party was held back in October, 2017, and it was hosted by Mattie. Especially for this event, even crew colour was changed to pink. You can also find a report of our adventures right here. After almost 20 months, let’s have a rerun of this hot […]

Pink Power party is back!

March 10th, 2015. The day Heists Update was released changed GTA Online forever. Lester, Ron and Agent 14 organized 5 multi-tiered heists, which are the most popular way of earning money up to today. Their diversity and necessity of coopeartion makes them one of the best (if not the best) […]

Heist party coming on Sunday