We’ve had another lovely party last week Tuesday. This time, we had a pyjama party for mental health awareness week. To start, we assembled at the nightclub for a cosy dance and drink. Next, we moved to the CEO office for a game of “I spy with my little eye”. […]

Pyjama party report: warm fuzzy memories

For good memories, here’s a picture gallery capturing the most stunning, weird, and pleasant moments (or any combination of these), from our last two informal ethical indulgence events: the snow play, and the mutt meet. Thanks again everyone for joining and for the good times!

Snow play and mutt meet: in the pictures

Beaver bush gathering and outfit contest Last Tuesday, we gathered for some good old fashioned crew spring cleaning. To start, we assembled at the Beaver Bush Ranger Station, for a traditional outfit contest. Indeed, all were dressed wonderfully. So, thanks to everyone for putting in great effort to show your […]

Spring cleaning: a spotless report