No spillage nappy change.
To celebrate new life in the crew once more, we’re assembling together this Thursday (tomorrow) at 9pm CEST for a rather special event: a nappy change training camp. Let’s learn how to contain those nappy leaks! Please be sure to bring your surgical gloves, wipes, a clothes peg, a water […]

No leakage nappy change training camp

Cultural identities & diversities, bottoms up!
Better late than never, here’s finally a report on our adventures from our cultural identities & diversities event! First, thanks to everyone for joining: reacher, mattie, grey, doozle, witt, threep, zarbon, mathilya, myst, villem, and roofstone. To start, we assembled at the Vinewood Bowl for a diverse meet up. The […]

Cultural identities & diversities party report

Birthday group photo on the beach. 3
We had another fantastic crew event last Saturday. This time, we celebrated the crew’s 4th birthday. First, thanks to everyone for doing such great effort to join this special celebration: abdukov, backblast, reacher, nopitch, threepwood, mathilya, george, heggi, alex, mattie, witt, gloozy, dr insane, grey, myst, roof, zarbon, sal, and […]

Birthday celebration report: Ethical Retinue turned 4!

Roofstone as VIP: thanks! 5
I’d like to express my big thanks to roofstone for having served as lieutenant and commissioner for an extremely long time. You have been so instrumental in building up the crew throughout the years, and in shaping its purpose and character, through helping to make constructive changes to how we […]

Thanks roofstone for everything you have done!

Millionaires at the sunrise.
And we had another awesome party last Tuesday. This time, we acted out as mad millionaires. Thanks everyone for joining: frankie, doozle, mattie, reacher, mathilya, sal, threep, villem, and witt! We kicked off with a meeting at Los Santos International Airport. To start, doozle showed off his money, threep sprayed […]

Mad millionaires: a report on a most opulent party

Once more, we’re on for an awesome crew gathering, tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9pm CEST. This time, the plan is to explore the more luxurious aspects of our beloved game. So, dear fellow millionaires, gather your bling, and join us at Los Santos International Airport to show off your maddest assets! […]

Mad millionaires: show off your bling tomorrow!

And we had another lovely cosy party last Thursday. This time, we explored the event horizon of Grand Theft Auto. First, thanks to everyone for joining: sal, reacher, threep, mathilya, zarbon, villem, and mattie! To start, we assembled at the Galileo Observatory. After exploring an accidental wormhole to the roof […]

Black hole: report from the event horizon

Black hole spotted!
A black hole has been photographed today, for the first time in the history of man. Let us celebrate this amazing achievement with an appropriately space themed party, tomorrow (Thursday) at 9pm CEST as usual. Therefore, bring your space rockets, space suits, telescopes, satellites, aliens, and anything else you can […]

Black hole spotting this Thursday