Beaver bush gathering and outfit contest Last Tuesday, we gathered for some good old fashioned crew spring cleaning. To start, we assembled at the Beaver Bush Ranger Station, for a traditional outfit contest. Indeed, all were dressed wonderfully. So, thanks to everyone for putting in great effort to show your […]

Spring cleaning: a spotless report

We had another lovely party, this time celebrating nativity. We gathered at the stable in La Fuente Blanca with some nativity songs on the ukulele for good atmosphere. For a first challenge, we searched for Lester’s lost donkey! King threepwood was the best at tracking down the donkey, and thus […]

Nativity celebration: a peaceful party report

We assembled once more, this time to celebrate world techno day. To start, we gathered at the casino penthouse for some pre-party drinks, bathroom dancing, and techno in the toilet. We continued to the rooftop terrace, for some fun in the pool, a group picture, and an outfit voting contest. […]

Techno party: a raving report!

We had another lovely event. This time, we gathered around climate emergency to raise awareness of climate change. So, we assembled at the airport to start our protest. Here, special mention goes to geg for arriving in his amazing pedal plane! Following a group picture, and scaring a few unknowing […]

Climate emergency: ethical rebellion report

Here’s finally a report on our insane sanitation party. We celebrated world toilet day in style! We started with an assembly at the storm drain, to enjoy the amazing smell. Everyone brought their coolest sanitation outfits and vehicles, stashed with stinky tools. Special mentions go to threepwood for bringing his […]

Insane sanitation: Los Santos cleaners united!

Again, a bit late, but here is finally the report of our Halloween event from last month! We gathered at the pumpkin patch near El Gordo Lighthouse. And the cops joined us too! Once all uninvited guests had been scared away, we started with an outfit voting contest, this time won […]

Halloween scarefest report: spooky times!