And we had another lovely event yesterday, this time expressing our dismay at all the violence in the world with some good old fashioned flower power resistance! Thanks everyone for joining: threep, salbezreh, mathilya, villem, witt, doozle, roofstone, solitaire, viridian, and of course myself. Jack joined us as well for […]

Flower power: non-violent protest in the pictures

We’re on for another event tonight at 9pm CEST! This time, we’ll gather in a non-violent peaceful flower power protest, against all the horrible things that are happening in the world these days. So, gather your flower power, dress in bright colours, bring your hippie van, but above all, bring […]

Flower power peace demonstration tonight

Michael having some skinfull sins.
We’re on for another crew event Tuesday (tomorrow. This time, the plan is one of pure debauchery. We will visit each others casino, nightclub, and/or yacht, where each owner plays their favourite club or party song with our music bot. After having enjoyed sufficient dancing and having a skinfull, we […]

Skinfull sins dance party tomorrow!

Hot ricer jumping bridges.
We had a cosy but lovely ricer meet, now nearly two weeks ago. Lateness of the report due to some travel, but here it finally is! Thanks to everyone for joining: villem, solitaire, heggi, lorsch, mattie, and mathilya. We started showing off our hot ricer cars. Props to lorsch for […]

Hot ricer report: who riced the hardest?

Thanks once more everyone for completing the doodle! We’re on for another event, tonight at 9pm CEST as usual. This time, we’ll rediscover our inner ricer, with some triple GTA$ & RP jobs that are on this week. This will be a simpler party with just a straightforward playlist, but […]

Hot ricer crew meet up tonight

Best looking biker: ghost rider.
And we had another lovely crew meet, this time, around the biker theme. Thanks to everyone for joining: grey, villem, mathilya, myst, sal, solitaire, threep, mattie, and special guest kikko! We assembled at The Range in Stab City for an outfit contest. A very tight vote followed. After some contemplation, […]

Biker barbecue: roaring moments!

Biker barbecue perperation.
It’s been a while that we’ve had a biker meet. Whilst the summer is out, we might as well combine it with a barbecue. So, all warmly welcome tomorrow at 9pm CEST for a biker barbecue meeting at The Range in Stab City, near Sandy Shores. Be sure to bring […]

Biker barbecue: join the fun tomorrow!

Finally, here’s the report on our messy nappy change party! First of all, congratulations once more to “mother of the week” solitaire, and to everyone who joined the celebration: doozle, dr insane, grey, witt, mathilya, quiomi, threep, mattie, sal, villem, and viridian. To start off, we assembled at the Vinewood […]

No leakage nappy change: messiest moments

No spillage nappy change.
To celebrate new life in the crew once more, we’re assembling together this Thursday (tomorrow) at 9pm CEST for a rather special event: a nappy change training camp. Let’s learn how to contain those nappy leaks! Please be sure to bring your surgical gloves, wipes, a clothes peg, a water […]

No leakage nappy change training camp