So here we go again, it is time for another vehicular liberation extravaganza! The rules are few and they are simple, but they are non negotiable and set in stone. I’ll be posting them here and be ready to answer any questions if you have any. Then the car list […]

Car theft city v3: rules

Healthy living. 4
First of all a huge thanks to everyone that joined the healthy living event! Mike, Doozle, Mattie, Math, Vill3m, Reacher, Heggizen, and Sotnoose. However, I will not mince words and admit that I had massive trepidations for this event. Indeed, we had never done something like this before. But it […]

Healthy living: did we get fit?

This Thursday, 9pm CET, I’m taking you all out to get healthy! We’ve got a snacking problem in the crew and it is time to start looking at healthy living! Got shot in the gut? Eat an apple, not a candy bar! Been in an epic fender bender? Don’t chug […]

Healthy living: fix your midsection

Car theft city meet. 4
Our car theft city was another successful event! I am extremely happy that everyone seems to have had a good time. If there were any issues, please report them to me. In that way, I can try to improve in case of the eventual possibility of another hosted event! We […]

Car theft city v2: report & pictures

Alright guys! As you know we’re on for Wednesday, and it behoves me to make a small post beforehand explaining the rules in broad terms, they are few and they are simple. But they are non-negotiable, designated to give everyone an equal footing and to ensure the most fun encounters […]

Car theft city v2 pre-post: rules