While the original hipster culture is slowly fading and transforming into new peculiar subcultures, until last week, our crew hadn’t had a hipster themed party yet. Luckily we can now cross it out from the to-do-list. Gathering A week ago a number of crew members gathered in the industrial neighborhood […]

Being hipsters after it was cool

It’s been another prolific year full of gunrunning, vehicle exporting and drug trafficking. Let’s take a short break from it for the truck fest is coming back to Paleto Bay! This Monday, 22 April, at 21:00 CEST, let’s gather on the parking lot of Cluckin’ Bell factory in Paleto Bay. […]

Truck fest returns this Monday

While digging around in the archives I realized that Halloween parties have already become crew traditions. Well, sort of. As per popular voting our third Halloween event will take place this Wednesday, October 31. Around 21:00 CET we will gather at my La Mesa nightclub before moving on together. Come […]

Halloween 2018 party this Wednesday