No surprise, if you want to stay fit and healthy, you need physical exercises. Or just play sports. There are many, many sport disciplines. Last Sunday we practiced a lot, trying better and lesser known sport activities. We met at the Los Santos University stadium. Mattie, Dingle, Pete, Cookie, THD, […]

Omnisporties – how fit are we?

Can’t believe it has been the sixth time we had this event. Last Saturday we had the sixth iteration of ETCL Parodies party. And again, it was a blast. We met at the Pegasus Concierge Hotel in Vinewood. Who arrived? None other than Pilly, Bulkarson, Mattievis, Vixtus, Cookie Jas, Bulkilly. […]

ETCL Parodies – the sixth report

Last Monday we had another crew event. This time, we showed how proud of our national symbols we are. Beavis, Dave, Marwa, Mattie, Ogi, Reacher, Pete, Reacher, THD, Villem and I met on the big bridge in south Los Santos. And yes, we caused massive traffic jams, as our parking […]

My Country party – report and pictures

Race Wars are back with a bang! Especially, that this time the event will be co-hosted by Ibex & Witt. Sounds good? Of course! Sunday, 21:00 CEST is the time we start. The idea remains unchanged. We split into teams, choose our cars and… race. But before that, we will […]

Race Wars Five – ready, set, go!

Valentine’s Day is so specific that it can be celebrated for an entire year. We proved it by having a themed event that took place almost 2 months after actual Valentine’s Day. After all, our love is perpetual. And so, we gathered on a small island between Sandy Shores and […]

Romantic memories from Valentine party

Undoubtedly, Rockstar was very generous with snowgiving this year. We had full 3 weeks of San Andreas under white coat. Perfect conditions for another crew event! We met on the verges of the city, near a grocery stand. Mattie, Monster, Ogi, Doozle, Ninja, Dint, Longbow, Soup, Bogu, Ibex, Witt, Villem, […]

Snowy report from Snow Show party

Let’s be honest – we don’t get snow conditions in the State of San Andreas very often. This year however, Rockstar decided to give us full 3 weeks of white coat! Let’s do something with it. Of course, have a crew party! This Sunday, 8th of January, 21:00 CET. Our […]

Snow Show party this Sunday