Roofstone as VIP: thanks! 5
I’d like to express my big thanks to roofstone for having served as lieutenant and commissioner for an extremely long time. You have been so instrumental in building up the crew throughout the years, and in shaping its purpose and character, through helping to make constructive changes to how we […]

Thanks roofstone for everything you have done!

State of emergency at Fort Zancudo.
Unfortunately, a state of emergency is in order once again. Due to totally incomprehensible reasons, the developer of our beloved game has once more banned a lot of innocent players. Our crew maintains a very strong policy in the crew against cheating and harassment. We have always strongly supported Rockstar’s […]

State of emergency this Thursday

Nopitch. 11
I’d like to express a huge thanks to nopitch for having served as commissioner for such a long time. Nopitch has supported Ethical Retinue in numerous ways, both in words and in actions. In the early days, when it became clear that we wanted to build something more serious, his […]

Thank you Nopitch

Survey dudes. 9
Finally, the results for our survey are in! Before I present the results, I’d like to thank everyone who participated: roof, nop, reacher, sot, threep, lorsch, mathilya, mike, chevi, doozle, kuro, gloozy, kassz, and grey. Also special thanks to mathilya for drafting an initial summary of the survey. Summary Activity: […]

Crew activity survey: results and actions

I’m proud to announce that we have a new commissioner, jeffrey, and a new lieutenant, geg. Jeffrey has established a truly great ethical sociable presence in the crew, during random freemode get-togethers, heists, crew events, and crew discussions. He’s always keen to comment on great performances, stimulating people, helping out, […]

New commissioner: Jeffrey & new lieutenant: Geg