As you may have seen, we have replenished our upper ranks recently. First, I’d like to announce that we have a new lieutenant: p90210! Having joined us some time ago, p90 has established a great ethical presence in the crew, at our events, heists, and whichever job that comes along. […]

New lieutenant: p90210!

I’d like to express my thanks to roof, snack, and honki, for having served as commissioner and/or lieutenant on the crew for such a long time, building up and shaping the crew in the early days, helping with the website (especially snack and roof!), and generally for all the support […]

Thank you Snack, Roofstone, and Honki

I’m extremely pleased to announce that we have replenished once more our Lieutenant ranks: mathilya has kindly agreed to take up the new role. Mathilya joined us back in May, and has recently been more and more active in the crew to become a well valued and truly respected ethical […]

New lieutenant: mathilya!

The show must go on. 6
I’m honoured to announce that we have another lieutenant: 83427 has kindly agreed to take up the position. We all know 83 for his great forum threads, and especially for his wonderful taste in music, hardware, fast bikes, and women! Glad to have you on the lieutenant team, 83!!

New lieutenant: 83427!

This post reports on a 24 hours in-game (1 hour in real life) trip of one of our honorable crew members. It was in front of a humble dwelling in East Los Santos that I met up with Roofstone. Her house was filled with movie posters, ageing furniture, and a […]

Roof’s rhapsody

I’m super delighted to announce that we have a new commissioner in the crew: Gloozy!! Gloozy has been around engaging with the crew for almost as long as I’ve been playing GTA. We have all come to love his kind, friendly, and helpful ways. His engagement during crew events and […]

New commissioner: Gloozy!

Roofstone as VIP: thanks! 7
I’m extremely proud to announce that we have a new commissioner in our crew: Roofstone!! First of all, thanks Roof for accepting the new position. We are enormously honoured to have someone of your stature among us. Roof’s kind friendly manners, combined with a cheeky sense of humour, are second […]

New commissioner: Roofstone!

Just a quick announcement that I’ve created a steam group for the crew: It is a good way to keep in touch and interact with each other, and indispensable when discord and/or the in-game chat are failing. If you play on steam, please give a shout and we’ll send […]

Steam group page