Crew events are fun!

Crew Events

Because it’s fun to get together with the entire crew, we organise weekly crew events. To keep abreast of these, you can check out the blog, follow the #announcements channel on discord, or check out the events calendar on steam.

Anyone can get involved with crew events. Feel encouraged to post your ideas on discord. A planning sheet is maintained here. To ensure that as many people as possible can attend, the host normally runs a doodle to check for the best date for each event.

Normally, the person who suggests the topic acts as the host of the event. This means that he or she facilitates everything to make the event a success. They normally take responsibility of the doodle, of announcements on discord, of running of the event itself on the day, of writing the blog report afterwards, and of delegating any other tasks as needed. If you are not hosting, you can offer to help out the host, before, during, and/or after the event. For instance, such help may include:

  • promoting the event on social media,
  • brainstorming for freemode activities,
  • searching for appropriately themed jobs,
  • creating custom jobs that fit the theme,
  • helping with testing jobs,
  • sending invites to people who disconnect during the event,
  • moderating the mood during the event,
  • livestreaming the event on social media,
  • making screenshots during the event,
  • making high quality snaps or videos from clips recorded during the event,

and so on. The host can use the planning sheet facilitate distributing these tasks, so it does not fall all on their shoulders, and they can use it as they see fit. As a token of appreciation, the host gets an orchestrator of the week role on discord. Additionally, they get the ability to award custom weekly roles to all participants of the event.