Crew events are fun!

Crew Events

Because it’s fun to get together with the entire crew, we organize weekly crew events. To keep abreast of these, you can check out the blog, follow the #announcements channel on discord, or check out the events calendar on steam.

Anyone can suggest ideas for crew events. Just post your idea on discord, or on the forums under feedback & suggestions. A full list of ideas is maintained here (with thanks to deanne for setting this up!). To ensure that as many people as possible can attend, we run a weekly doodle. Additionally, we run a vote on discord on three or four possible ideas.

Normally, the person who suggests the topic acts as organizer of the event. This means that he or she facilitates everything to make the event a success. Naturally, people will help you, by suggesting jobs for the playlist, suggesting ideas for freemode, or helping out during the event with particular tasks. For instance, such tasks include taking screenshots and snaps, helping with writing the report, helping to run an outfit vote, and so on. So it does not fall all onto your shoulders. As a token of appreciation, the organizer will then get orchestrator of the week rank on discord!