First Things To Do

Here are some first things you might want to do once you have joined:

  1. Mandatory: Carefully read the crew rules. If you have any questions about the crew rules, feel free to discuss it with one of the lieutenants, commissioners, or leader. You may also wish to learn more about the crew hierarchy.
  2. Strongly recommended: Use the crew text and voice chat channels at (it’s super easy: just click the link – it will take you to the channel from within your browser!) to interact socially with other crew members during (and outside) the game. For a slightly better experience, install discord and join the channel directly from within discord using the following link: The in-game chat is rather limited. GTA Online becomes such a better and more fun experience with proper voice communication. Additionally, discord is used for all important announcements, doodles for planning crew parties, discussing party themes, sharing screenshots, and so on. Discord is the crew’s virtual gathering place, so to speak.
  3. Introduce yourself in the #general channel on discord. Say a few words about what you enjoy doing in GTA, and how you want to engage with your crew. Tell a bit about your GTA related social outlets such as youtube, twitch, … if you have any.
  4. Optionally, subscribe to the crew blog if you want to get email alerts to keep abreast of the latest crew news and events. You can do so via the box on the side of this page.
  5. Optionally, join the crew steam group to keep in touch and to get real-time alerts about crew events.
  6. Optionally, set Ethical Retinue as your active crew on Social Club. Note that there is no expectation that you set Ethical Retinue as your active crew: you can be a valued member of Ethical Retinue without ever having Ethical Retinue as your active crew.
  7. Optionally, register on the Ethical Retinue website. Registration allows you to post on the crew blog, for instance, if you would like to orchestrate a crew event. You can register by sending a message on social club to mattiejas with your email address. He will then create an account for you. Please do not use your real name for your email address! The administrators of the website can see the email address that you use to register. Although we strongly believe these are all trustworthy people, it is impossible for us to make any hard guarantees.