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thanks for replies guys. yes its budweiser budvar beer on the image.

btw about dat quake 3 e+ video…. you may think iam camper… no… no and once again no. i dont. what may sometimes look like camping is map control. the practice is that who controls the room, wins the match. so iam just defending the room. how you propably noticed, excessive plus mod is based on sliding by shooting with guns into the walls. together with fast weapon change cycle you can slide behind your enemy, change the weapon and kill him from back 🙂 … for example. excessive plus and its community will always be in my heart.

how i maybe already wrote you in some chat, iam member of czech honda club. and like other clubs, we also have some meets. here are some photos from valasska zima meet two years back. its mostly about drinking btw 😀

^^ still dont understand how i could take sharp photos and whatever after so many beers. this night was ending about 7am. they recorded how i sleep when i was afk 😀

ok, time for shopping (i need some food and cigarettes). here is one youtube link for oldschoolers: