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Love it, 83!

I will listen to anything ranging from Hildegard von Bingen (or even earlier), Frescobaldi, Bach (any of the family), Beethoven, Richard Strauss, and even Alban Berg (but not Schoenberg, that’s just a tad too abstract for my ear).

On the more modern end of times, I’m enjoying De/vision, Mesh, Apoptygma Berserk, Sepultura (bloody roots anyone?), Somatic Responses, Needle Sharing, Cubanate, S.I.N.A., Converter (Scott Sturgis), and pretty much anything from the Hymen/Antzen record labels.

Believe it or not but at this very moment, in an extremely weird nostalgic moment, I’m listening to “Sniff” by DJ Marco Bailey, which was a big hit in the mid ’90s (well, at least in the circles that I was entertaining back then…):

If you are really going to click that link, please turn up your volume and switch on your strobe light. 🙂