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Thanks 83 for offering your expertise! Much appreciated.

I’ve now done some test runs of polylang/lingotek on a dummy wordpress installation and it works pretty well. Basically we maintain separate pages (and menus) in different languages, where the plugin keeps track of which pages are translations of each other so if you switch language you can “stay on the same page” so to speak. Lingotek allows for automating the process, but that will cost us some more money in the long term… so we’ll stick with just polylang and only manually translate the long-term static content (i.e. not the blog or the forum, just who we are, crew rules, etc.). We can manually use google translate initially to speed things up a bit: even though the quality is very poor, it still saves a bit of time for translating the obvious bits.

I can translate to Dutch myself, Nop can handle French, and Snack can handle German. With that, we cover a reasonable part of Europe.

I’ll look at enabling google translate for the dynamic part of the website and for languages for whom we do not have a translator.

Sounds good?