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I hope you have enough money to pay insurance for any destroyed vechicle, then 😛

I have to agree with mattie. Sometimes it’s much better to play some deathmatches or LTS’s to chillout and unload excessive aggression. I hate players, who are in public session doing nothing but right mess and kill/destroy everything for no reason. Usually, they are kids who are mistaking singleplayer with multiplayer, and there are no NPC’s but other players as well. Apparently, passive mode was Rockstar’s greatest invention since 2002 and GTA Vice City.

I have admit, when I’m getting killed by random player for no cause, I’m losing my temper. Human feeling is, you want to get your revenge and do the same thing. Of course, it is better to ask to that person to explain such behavior and then take up some actions. Worse situation is, while selling some stuff (cars, special cargo, stuff from bikers business), interruption from other players (like destroying 4 trucks delivering 2,200,000$ from big warehouse) is IMHO manifestation of their anger and spite.

This is why I spend about 95% of gameplay passive. I see no point in killing each other for ANY reason in freemode. Let’s just make GTAO world peaceful, so everyone can enjoy the game. Amen.