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I joined ETCL in May but I realised in the end of September that we are really bunch of kind and friendly players, not just a crew with no spirit. Pity I realised it too late. But, better late than never.

The shape of the crew is fine for me. Weekly crew events (with 10+ players at least) are always very nice. Like Gloozy said, updates keep the game interesting, as there are always new things to do. BTW we should start a new thread called “new modes impressions”. Moreover, there are a lot of duties and mattie is doing most of them and I have to admit, if that was me, I would be much lazier than our boss is.

Congratulations Gloozy! Pleased to hear great news. Kasszelle is also a nice name for baby. Along with Mattiejaselle, Mathilliette and Nopiliette, ofc 😛