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I agree with the policy not to kill people who are in a mission as this can be very annoying. Since killing in general has really no consequences in freemode though, I think we should not forget that this is still a game. It’s all about fun. Sure we could all just do missions, but that would get repetitive quite quickly. I generally agree about messing with the world and not each other, but sometimes combining both can be a lot of fun. Also think about the amazing fragvideos that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Of course, if somebody is not entertained by those things, they should communicate that, or even better, use passive mode, as mathilya mentioned.
Concerning bounties, if I have one, I usually ask someone to kill me so I can use passive mode afterwards, except if I really plan on surviving it. Being chased can also be a thrill. I have no problem asking players I or the people I play with if it is okay to get the bounty. Though I usually dont find a bounty that important, its rather about the chase than the money in my opinion. BTW, you can also be a polite bounty hunter: “Thank you for the Bounty” never hurts 🙂
To avoid bounties: If you steal an NPC car, kill the driver in the car. Also, don’t steal cars from the side of the road.

I hope we can find a middleground on this topic. I personally did not realise that this was an issue, so thank you for pointing that out.