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Nop, can I use your rig for my render jobs? 🙂 Amazing setup there.

83: Yeah for recording it’s not so critical which you use, except that software will really hog your system so not ideal unless you have a killer processor. For streaming, the problem is that you have to fix a low bitrate, and at low bitrates there really is a huge difference in quality. Nvidia tends to produce the largest files but with superior quality and lowest system impact at high bitrates, so it’s best for recording. Software encoding has superior quality and smallest files, but with highest system impact, so it’s best for streaming (at least for now). Intel lies somewhere in the middle from what I hear, it may be a good choice for recording if you don’t have an NVidia card or for streaming if your processor is too weak to support software encoding. As you said every method has a different trade-off, and one has to experiment a bit to see what suits best for which application.

Haven’t tried CUDA; OBS doesn’t have CUDA accelleration. It would be very nice if CUDA could be leveraged by the software encoder…