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So you noticed 😀

The video is nice, thanks for that. It’s a bit easier with a case that has so much space.

My old GTX 570 fitted in the top slot perfectly. When I replaced it with a 970, this card could no longer fit in the top slot without recabling the whole thing. Now in fact I did try to recable it, however after about 30 minutes of fiddling, I surrendered due to the insufficient room between the top hard drive bay (which I am using for the SSD; the bottom bays are used for 2 standard hard drives) and the graphics card when mounted in the top slot: there seemed no room to fit and connect all the cables. Hence this funny solution for now. Fortunately, GPU temperatures seem stable, the fans never get loud, and PSU draws in its own air anyway, so it isn’t going to cause any issues I hope. I guess the case is meant to be used this way for large graphics cards…

Periodically, I’ve been thinking to look at it again but then why open the case if it works and you can play GTA instead. 😉