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hehe thanks 😀

time for true story bro 😀

i live here in prague for 10 years and 6 months. i never been connected to internet at home before bcos my parents were in stone age and they discovered the internet is more than sci-fi one or two years after i left the home. when i ordered my first speed tariff for internet connection, it was 1mbit/128kbit. later it was upgraded to 2/256, then 3/256, then 6/512…then i dont remember, then 30mbit/3mbit, then 60/6 and now after 10 years and 6 months of using cable tv internet connection iam on 200/20. i know our country is backward compared with the west europe. but what can i do…. i have an apartment here, family, friends and iam not good englieh speaker. so iam stucked here and living my poor life. i remember some players from quake 3 e+ had similar internet speeds maybe 8 years back. now it finally came to czech republic…

one more story bro m´kay? do you remember the revolution in phone tariffs in the france few years ago? believe or not but it made price drop here too. and propably in the rest of europe too cos globalization and similar shits. thanks to the stuff which happened in frace we suddenly had -100% cheaper calls and other phone services. so thank you guys from the france you had the balls and you did something with those overpriced services