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Excellent point 83.

I find that for very fast clips where each shot is in the order of a second (sometimes less) there’s too much overhead in exporting each shot separately (i.e. a 3 minute music clip easily has more than 60 camera changes that all need to be synced to the music, it gets very messy very quickly). But yes there is a point where it becomes profitable to split the scene so you don’t need to re-export long sections every time.

In my experience, for music above 100bpm you need to be precise to about 0.05 seconds (=20Hz), and ideally a little bit better (50Hz is perfect), otherwise the viewer/listener starts to notice the discrepancy, especially on fast paced music like the sort that kassz likes. 🙂 As far as I can tell, Blender is much more precise than movie maker: Blender can sync up to the frame level. It could be that I haven’t found the right feature for cutting clips exactly up to the frame in movie maker. Audacity (or some other music editor) is useful to get the precise timing for the beat, unless you have a lot of patience doing the audio/visual sync manually on every beat.

Of course not all music needs such precise timings and/or will have so many shots. For regular movie work or slower music, you certainly don’t, and movie maker will be just fine.

Another technique is to change shots on the half beat – if you don’t do that too often then that works fine, and it isn’t too disturbing for the viewer if it’s a bit off. Of course it depends on the kind of effect you’re after whether or not you want to do that.

Kassz: Mes excuses pour l’anglais, j’espere que google translate peut le traduire pour vous!! Que est-ce que sont votre methodes pour synchroniser l’audio/visuel?