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In case someone is unable to read the script:

GTAV Script

  1. Intro (Music will probably be The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Bellbottoms )
  2. Humane Labs Heist ( 3 Heisters, 2 Security officers in vehicles )
  3. Getaway Alert ( The part where the Law enforcement agency realizes that Humane got raided and decides to dispatch units. We’ll have to capture Aerial Combat Vehicles take off scenes to make it realistic and cinematic )
  4. Pursuit Highway Police ( Here’s the fun part. We’ll capture scenes of Police pursuit with Combat Helicopter Escort. NOoSE will get dispatched so Annihilator or Buzzard will be issued. )
  5. Tunnel Crash/Vehicle Change ( In this part things get tough. The Raiders get to encounter a Heavy NOoSE Blockade so they are forced to switch and drive on the opposite lane. However, once they enter the tunnel before Paleto, their tires will get shot and the vehicle will slightly crash on the tunnel’s wall. There’ll be a small but intense shootout with Police force before they change vehicle and carry on with their mission. )
  6. Paleto Bay Pursuit ( Police Chase in Paleto Bay. Police will be expecting the criminals. We might need more people for this scene. I’m looking to make it as realistic as possible. )
  7. Army Base Shootout ( Here’s the best part. The raiders made their way to the military base, however. Unfortunately for them the Army Forces have already been dispatched, aka Chaos times. Prepare for many cinematic first person shootout scenes, deaths…