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As others have said, props for the effort! It’s not easy to make a good banner. Some feedback follows, and I hope that this stimulates your creativity rather than stopping it!!

The good:

  • warmth
  • humour
  • quality texture
  • natural lighting, attention for detail
  • logo (approximately) in the right place

The issues (I’m trying to be constructive, again, please see this as ways you could bolster your creativity!):

  • too much symmetry: although some of it is broken through the subtle lighting, the vertical pattern is visually quite boring (e.g. rule of thirds, )
  • a wooden panel doesn’t quite capture the imagination of the viewer (at least for me)
  • the banner feels too “retro” (I was trying to find a better word; I don’t know how else to say this)
  • text must convey the message that we stand for; although the one you picked is funny, in a way it conveys the opposite
  • even more, there shouldn’t be any text on the banner image itself as it won’t show properly on all resolutions after cropping, best leave the text to the html part of the banner (as it is now)
  • rockstar logo feels inappropriate (doesn’t fit the style of the rest of the banner, cropping issues, potential copyright issues, and also I could see that we might branch out to other games too, for instance quite a few of us play a lot of Payday 2, and maybe if similar games like GTA 5 come out we might try to enjoy them as well as a crew)
  • our actual logo isn’t coloured, so for consistency of branding, I’d say the logo on the banner shouldn’t be coloured either

Some technicalities (all easily fixable):

  • wordpress banner resolution should be 1170×500
  • logo too large and not vertically centered properly, won’t look ok when the banner is cropped as wordpress does
  • the banner image should look alright no matter how it is cropped: the layout we have in the current banner works well (and took quite a bit of effort to get right), it shows the logo and the logo doesn’t interfere with the html text, so I’d suggest to stick with that layout, i.e. an image that looks ok no matter how it is cropped, with the logo on top of it at the location as it is now; perhaps other layouts would work too, but it would require some experimentation

Concerning a slider with multiple pictures, we used to have that. However, it slows down the site quite a lot (the server needs to deliver all images at once), and perhaps more importantly it also leads to weaker “branding” if you like, detracts from the content, and confuses visitors (here’s some good reading: ). For these reasons I think that a single but really good and strong image, as we have now, works better.

For the record, you can find the logo in vector format (i.e. infinite resolution) and the current banner in full resolution here: (under “black-leather-hd-3382056”)

My feeling is that the current one is much better than your suggestion, because it is a really original, strong, and enticing image, reflecting our “brand” pretty well.

Nevertheless, sotnoose, thanks for the effort! I hope you find my comments useful. Maybe they will give you some ideas.