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For a video

Event ETCL

Acting out: behind the scenes report

Yeah, Kassz was first with this idea.

Idea is good. As you suggested making something like this, I guess you will also write a scenario and become a director 😛 Rockstar Editor might be the only tool available. And let’s be honest – complexity of this project would be really big. Attention should be taken with music choice – copyrights can be problematic. Check out also our boss’, Roof’s, Kassz’s and Gloozy’s YT channels – you might find some interesting videos there.

So far, you only posted a YT link – would be great if you could let us know about more details 😉

Stwierdziłem, że nie będę pisał w naszym języku – byłoby to zbędne / I decided not to write in my home language – would be redundant.