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My apologies for the late reply here!! Time to pick up the thread again. Here are the open questions:

  1. What is it exactly that is making the current logo less ideal for cars/clothing?
  2. Do we keep the “angel looking over shoulder” or not? Do we keep the “angel” theme at all?
  3. How can we modify the current logo (or design a new one) that doesn’t suffer from these issues?

Concerning 1, I find it easy to see that there is a problem, but quite hard to say exactly why there is a problem. 🙂 My initial gut instinct is that it is lacking an “outline”. Here are some very quick concept sketches (the first one is borrowing from Beard’s proposal), assuming the answer on 2 is “keep”:

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Concerning the other designs:

  • Honki’s edit addresses the outline issue as well, in a better way than just slapping some “window” on it, but I’m hesitant about losing the wing, because it moves us out of the “angel” theme (I understand however why you want to try this out, it’s a good experiment). Also the proportions look wrong on that edit (that’s not a reason to dismiss it: proportions are fixable, but it will take some extra effort).
  • 83427’s concept art is quite nice. The biker girl could get us into trouble with rockstar. 😉 The other angel pic requires a different scale so I see no way to take our current angel and integrate it: the scale will be off (assuming we would scale the current picture at all: scaling is extremely tedious in the emblem editor). Maybe the picture is too large? Zooming in on a part of it brings us back to square one concerning the outline.

Where does this leave us?

We could try one of the above variants say for a week (I prefer the first, maybe the second, maybe not the third experiment). Any of these will take maybe one or two hours to complete in the emblem editor. The other thing that could be tried is a fresh full sized angel (as in 83427’s concept art), that will take a few full days of work at the very least. I’m a bit hesitant to go for an entirely new logo as we only recently changed logo, and obviously we don’t want to keep doing this every few months. But if that’s what it takes, then of course we’ll do it.

Further thoughts?