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Thanks for the suggestions Honki, however I’d much prefer that we stick with our own art rather than taking someone else’s work…

Here’s the “beard-style-framed” version of our angel in the emblem editor:

Here’s a very interesting experiment in the emblem editor by Roofstone:

Roofstone, Nopitch, and myself had a brief but useful discussion yesterday over discord concerning the logo. We’ve agreed that the issue is that the current logo is a picture rather than a logo. So I’m now thinking along the following lines:

  • We stick with the lady pretty much as she is now, but we try to move her more to the center so her head and shoulders are fully visible, as is appropriate for a logo. The shape of the head will then form the shape of our logo, we will no longer have this “square” feeling.
  • To achieve this we may have to drop the wings. Roofstone made the ingenious suggestion that instead we could use a shoulder tattoo to get back the angel symbolism.
  • We cannot scale and move things in the emblem editor (well, we can, but it is a royal pain…). So this will need to be done from scratch.

So I suggest the following:

  1. Draw concept art for the “lady with tattoo” with full head.
  2. Redraw (from scratch) in the emblem editor, in color.
  3. Also do a black/white variant, and any other variants (e.g. trying wings anyway).
  4. Do an initial selection, try out each of the best ones for a week.
  5. Vote.

Sounds good?