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@83: It’s really part of her right arm but let’s leave it open to interpretation. 😉

@Honki: Based on some drawings off the internet, colored in with my tablet. But here are the rockstar editor emblem versions (with some further modifications, especially the hair is a bit rougher, and the eyes are a bit different to match better our original Ethical Lady):

Ethical Lady Ethical Lady B/W

Constructive critical comments welcome! Still to do are the wings of course: our lady needs a tattoo, or some other way of making the symbolism work.

I invite everyone to take the logo and to do something creative with it. Shouldn’t take too much time, the hard work in the emblem editor has been done and now it’s all just about fine tuning. But it’s also ok to do it in your favourite editor if you find the emblem editor too hard to use.

If you see ways to make her look even more like the original then that’s also much appreciated – e.g. the nose is maybe too round (I tried to make it more pointy but it just looked very odd, didn’t spend too much time on it though) and maybe the new one looks a bit too young (not sure how to fix this).

Once the best ideas have been circulated and discussed, we can take it to the next level.