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Thanks kassz for the tattoo & color concepts! The one with the single wing seems to work best IMO. We may also try a version with a wing tattooed on the back rather than on the shoulder (for science). I do black/white version for the moment because it is faster to make and tune, and also because it is easier to get the proportions/perspective right. So things to do:

  • Fix hair (as 83 pointed out, we should try if more “forehead” looks better).
  • Fix neck and shoulder (the curves aren’t quite correct).
  • Put tattoo or some other form of “wing” (many variations possible here).
  • Try ribbon, for science.
  • Try a coloured version, for science.
  • Make sure all versions work on both light and dark vehicles (maybe some radial in the background, a simple circular/elliptical background, …).

We’ll then do a shortlisting of the best proposals and vote. Given the long list above I don’t think it will be done still this week, but I’m getting quite excited about it!!