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Congratulations on completing the challenges, @threepwood. And for sharing your knowledge here. However, I would like to know more details. So, I have some questions, connected with suggestions:

Can you bypass preps by buying equipment?

Server Farm – wait, what about the part outside? It’s obviously harder than the one inside facility. I guess minigun + taking cover. When there are less than 5 enemies on parking lot, shall the team just rush to ladder with interaction menu and snacks ready to use?

Signal – let’s stay in front, or on side of hacked trucks/boats – easier not to get shot from hostile passengers

Avenger – all agreed, let everyone know when going on upper level – if someone stays on ground when 2nd wave is triggered, the chances of surviving those, who still stay on the floor are really small

Rescue ULP – nice, what about Duke o’Death? There are some Buzzards spawning which shoot missiles and Kuruma won’t stand a chance against them

Rescue Agent 14 – again, what about Duke o’Death? Only because of that Buzzard spawning at some point. And, on the 3rd juggernaut wave, what about one person staying on the roof of the builiding to shoot juggernauts. I have to test that Vigilante method – seems interesting.

Doomsday scenario final – Any suggestions for the person who is NOT hacking when doing CMM with just 2 players? Does that person have to cover all sides or just stay in one safe place and look out for himself/herself?

Hope these questions can specify details, that not only me, but more crew members are asking about 😉