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The tower works marvellously well for two. You can even smoke a cig drink a tea during shooting time up there 🙂
I recommend taking a kuruma or two, the inside guy is driving & drops outside guy near tower & parks kuruma on a near spot to the door of the foundry.
Inside guy has to be aware of spawning spots and that sometimes some sneaky badboys come into the front & back door.
Tower guy has also to be aware of some things:
there will be 2-3 npcs coming up the ladder while being up there,you can hear them cursing when they are near you so they are no big surprise when they are coming up to you.
There will be helis approaching, a case for sniper/mini or what suits you to take those down..
The npcs on ground can be sniped with ease when you’re not holding position near the fence/roundrail all the time, always step back to middle so noone can shoot you.
Prioritize the npcs around the doorzones.
Sometimes some rpgs suit well for those inside nightsharks, especially shortly before its time to leave.
If possible-a quick call from inside guy before getting out the foundry gives the outside guy some time to clean direct front of the door.
As soon the inside guy & ulp avi come out/are in the kuruma there wont be many spawns left so you can clear the rest safely and escape.