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Well I hope you can get over it we will be here if you need something, what I mean by this is if you need to talk with someone from the crew or so, I think this crew is kind of our 2nd family, but yeah it’s better to talk with someone closer than us but if you still need to talk we will be here, I actually dunno what depression is cuz I never got one so keep in mind to be positive and think on the future and let the past behind, ofc it’s hard but i’m really sure that you can get over it, (this might be out of context) but I’ve been doing a work about Violence and it kind of bring ppl down such as bringing down your motivation and stuff like that.

So yeah if you need something we will be here to help you out and make stuff more happier, I guess, so have a nice rest from gta and be happy I’m really sure you can get over that stuff, sometimes it’s better thinking near the ocean with the waves exploding xD just dont stay in the dark cuz there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and I know that you can reach that light and be happy 😀